Unpardonable Sin

It is often expressed that "God will not forgive me. I think I have committed the unpardonable sin".


The pharisees accused Jesus of doing the works He did by the power of Satan(Matt. 12:24). Jesus replied by stating, in effect that to attribute to Satan the works of God was the unforgiveable sin(Matt. 12:31-32).



Please Read these Scriptures and Meditate on what God is saying to you.


MATT. 12:24 

JOHN 10:36-38

1 TIM. 1:12-13

1 COR. 12:3

PROV. 3:5-6

1 JOHN 1:9

MATT. 10:25

EPH. 4:30

 Prayer #1

Thank you Lord for the revelation that the sin was not commited.  I pray that I will recieve God's peace and I recommit my life to the Lord Jesus.


Prayer # 2

Thank you Lord for removing the desire to commit the unforgivable sin. I bind every demonic temptation and I pray for the Holy Spirit to bear witness with joy and peace in Jesus Name. Amen

"Whatever your trouble or concern, Jesus has the answer. Read His Holy Word Above".
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