That God favors a just man(Prov. 12:2) is one of the principles of the Kingdom of God.  Assurance of favor with God and/orman is assured. Victory is promised over bad experiences, fear, negativism, etc.  Needs which are bringing pressure to bear have God's promise of resolution.



Please Read these Scriptures and Meditate on what God is saying to you.

PSA. 86:15

MATT. 17:20

GEN. 39:21

PSA. 27:14

JOHN 12:26

PROV. 8:17-18 16:7

ROM. 10:10

MATT: 15:18

2 COR. 1:20

PROV 14:11

PSA. 84:1192:12

Praise and thank God for His Favor on you.  Rebuke fear, doubt, and faithlessness.  Ask God to release His favor on you.

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