Occult is the involvement in things such as precognition or fortune telling, ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance, automatic writing, ouija board, astrology, horoscopes, tea leaf reading, palmistry, techniques of mind expansion, drugs, hhypnotism, mind control, transcendental meditation, yoga, sorcery or witchcraft, physical phenomena, telekinesis, levitation, astral projection, spiritism or spiritualism, seances and satanism, etc.

In the natural and Bibical history the pattern is: diminishing spiritual life, to legalism, to materialism, to liberalism, to seeking life's answers outside the Word of God thence to spiritism encouched in the occult. occultism often involves drugs, idolatry, and sexual perversion.



Please Read these Scriptures and Meditate on what God is saying to you.

EXOD. 22:18

DEUT. 18:10-13

GAL. 5:5:19-21

REV. 21;8

MAL. 3:5

LUKE 4:18-19

DEUT. 18:9-22

ACTS 13:6-12

JER. 27:9-10

Father , in the name of Jesus I come realizing you are a jealous God and will not allow your creation to have any other other gods before you! I repent of the sins of the occult and ask your forgiveness.  Forgive me all my sins. I give myself to you. Be my Lord and savior. Amen


If you need further prayer assistence find a true believer in Christ and have them agree with on this prayer.  Every Christian Church has a few seasoned believers .  Just ask who that person is and some one will introduce you them.  Ask them to pray with you and stay in agreement  with you.

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