Child Abuse

Child Abuse can be almost any, even small irritation may bring a reaction that results in a compulsion to abuse a child.  Also, one may strike out in uncontrollable anger upon being provoked to wrath by either the child, other parent, or siblings, etc.

It is necessary and desirable to keep ourselves under control, to strive for the mastery of all things. The crown to obtained is incorruptible



Please Read these Scriptures and Meditate on what God is saying to you.


1 COR. 9:25-27

EPH. 2:3.6:4

ROM.  13:14

ROM. 13:1-3

1 PETER  2:13-14

LUKE 17:2

PHIL. 4:4-9

HEB. 1:14

ROM. 12:2

JAMES  4:7

ROM. 6

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