A need for hope(desire combined with expectation) is discerned. Anguish, despair and hopelessness may be expressed.

The Bible is the ultimate source for eternal hope. It has the purpose of meeting this need of mankind (Rom. 15:4).



Please Read these Scriptures and Meditate on what God is saying to you.

ROM. 8:24

ACTS. 10:43

JOHN 14:27

1 JOHN 1:3

MATT. 11:28-30

MATT. 19:21

JOHN 4:1-15

2 COR. 4:7-9

ROM. 5:1-5

ROM. 4:18-25

PSA. 23

2 COR. 4:7;  5:8

ISA. 50:10

Thank you Lord that in spite of problems we can maintain hope. A declaration of our hope as recorded in 2 Cor. 4:7-9 would be appropriate.   Please help me build my faith and renew my mind in Jesus Name .  Amen 

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