Insomnia: is the inability to sleep accompanied by or as a result of burdens, sickness, financial worries, old age, grief, depression, etc.

Salvation includes safety and health. Because of God's salvation, we can lay ourselves down and sleep, dwelling in safety(Psa. 4:8).



Please Read these Scriptures and Meditate on what God is saying to you.

PSA. 3:5

PSA. 4:8

PSA. 127:2

PROV. 3:24

JER. 31:1-26

MATT. 11:28

ISA. 26:11

Thank you Lord for delivering me from the Spirit of Insomnia. I bind that spirit in Jesus Name and command it to be useless against me. I praise and thank you for total Victory over sleeplessness Amen.

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