Suicide is a desire or decision to kill one's self as aresult in most cases of depression. It is brought on by such things as health problems and pain or inability to face frustration in life. Our natural sin of self-consciousness produces pity, guilt, anxiety, frustration, etc. In other cases, irresponsible behavior peroduces the insane desire to destroy oneself or to end it all.  This may be the result of being enscared by a demon possession or obession. Involvement in cultish teaching and mob influence may result in a suicide psychology or brainwashed behavior.

Our hope is in the Lord. Our strength is in Him(Psa. 42:11). The heavens may seem as brass and our prayers even in tears seem useless. But the confession of faith in God brings about deliverence, healing and hope springing eternal.




Please Read these Scriptures and Meditate on what God is saying to you.


JOB. 5:15

PSA. 34:1-7

PSA. 91:111-1215-16

JOHN 10:10

PSA. 40; 42 ; 43

PSA. 51:1-19

ROM. 8:1-13

ISA. 1:18

EPH. 2:8-9

PHIL. 4:6-8

GAL. 5:22-23

PSA. 73

Dear Lord , please send your Angels to minister to me.(Heb 1:14) Please flood me with Your Love and bind the spirit of suicide and deliver me from fear to love. In Jesus Name. Amen

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