The absence of Peace is inner conflict, fear, overwhelming temptation, anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, etc.

Peace is a product of the Holy Spirit's actions ( Gal.5:22). It comes as a preeminence is given to the Prince of Peace(Isa. 26:3)



Please Read these Scriptures and Meditate on what God is saying to you.

PSA. 91:1

ISA. 26:3

PHIL. 4:6-7

GAL. 5:22

PSA. 22:3

HEB. 13:15

ROM. 5:1-9

EPH. 2:14

JOHN 14:27

ISA. 32:17 ; 48:18

ROM. 8:6 ; 5:1-11

<Dear Lord I surrender to you and I bind  any demonic spirit trying to steal my peace. I ask you Lord for Your Peace to settle on me.  I thank you for the fruit of your Holy Spirit to fall upon me and fill me with Your Love.  Amen

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